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May well twelve, 2013 ... we just handed with the new moon passing in conjunction with our numerous 7 days's lengthy electrical reference to Saturn that peaked a short while ago SO For anyone who is enduring superior gusty winds and strange weather thank this and my get the job done for knowledge what is going on .

June 27, 2014 putting up ... in 2013 ... previous yr ... a claimed "base" of wind generation world vast was 318 GWatts (gigawatts) ... feels like a whole lot ... but Within this "capacity" the field by no means studies the fact that only at greatest about 10% of that amount was in fact manufactured ... with under one% of overall world vast energy use "substitute Electricity" is not a contender ... wind has a pretty small piece of this 1% pie ... as you may see ... what's all of the hype about ??? the incredible cost does not have a fork out back again and as i stated After i offered my results "The Myth of different Strength" there was a program in the very commencing of wind Vitality .

June 08, 2012 posting ... my weekly radio show has become posted ... i carry on to focus and go into further information on the ancient Tale of Moses and delve into two definitely fantastic issues raised by listeners who called in the Coast to Coast AM clearly show final week Once i was visitor with host George Noory ... i take a look at The truth that the Venus comet (proto-World Venus comet) lifted havoc in the solar technique for literally numerous a long time (the caller requested how a comet can be within the solar process for 40 a long time as recounted inside the Moses Tale) .

JANUARY 20, 2014 ... FLU Inform ... have you or Other people all-around you experienced the "flu" currently ... Everybody i know has had "it" ... i reported some time in the past the inferior conjunction of VENUS (Sure our close to inner solar technique neighbor) when that planet passes concerning earth as well as Sunlight is actually a time identified to build new flu strains ... ignore flu photographs ... they don't have anything to try and do with authentic flu causes and also have NO power to immunize you in opposition to new strains that arrive at earth ... the CDC and various "well being corporations" along with the clinical Neighborhood report flu strains allegedly coming from russia (the 1950's russian flu bear in mind) but now the chinese are blamed for the things they call "fowl" or "swine" flu ... NOW insert from the mil boys match of slipping a person a flu "mickey" and they start to spread wellness terror like the girl who not long ago arrived from china but experienced not contacted any person for getting her Variation the the H1N5 "flu" (the mil lab engineered flu just like SARS and various mil variations with the "flu" virus) ... all of this to include the true source of "typical" flu ... the inferior conjunction of Venus ... identified about Because the 1200's by none other than the chinese and documented in the modern medical journals .

January 23, 2012 publishing ... NASA is pumping all over the internet and thru the managed news media that a solar flare is causing all types of climate on this planet ... only difficulties this "mega flare" is just an S3 and is really not An important concern at all ... are they lastly beginning to make promises (as i happen to be For a long time) relating to photo voltaic flaring as well as their consequences in the world ... but holy distorted science bat male and robin ... this is NOT A serious solar flare whatsoever and Now we have experienced lots of like it ... they assert the biggest flare in 7 a long time but bear in mind we experienced little or no flaring and NO sunspots for quite some time in order that assert is a false use of data .

the diagram within the still left is from my copyrighted 1970's paper predicting the designs of comets determined by my Plasma Discharge Comet Product and which The End Of The Fucking World dvd to buy i talked about the physics on my november 21 radio demonstrate ... compare for the winged ISON (Primarily drawing (b) to remaining) ... the comet condition is based on quite a few variables see my e-book World X Comets and Earth Changes appendices for these and many of the equations utilized to established these styles .

January 09, 2015 submitting ... my demonstrate from very last evening is now posted to the archive sub-webpage ... this can be a Will have to LISTEN Display !!! i have a crucial announcement about World X (Essentially the various planet X objects that i are speaking about all together) .

Opening Discover ... the world is broken and cannot be fastened simply ... we've been all battling for our personal brings about As well as in my scenario trying to educate the public on dozens of challenges ... but one can summarize all the major difficulties (such as the insufficient attention to natural catastrophe problems going through our world and its populace) ... stage directly for the international bankers and You'll have Determined ninety nine.9999% OF Every one of the WORLD'S WOES ... not just nowadays but likely back again significantly into history ... what are you able to do ??? carry on with your endeavours to be aware of who operates your governments ... forget about revolutions ... they don't get the job done For the reason that bankers merely set up the following routine ... You must kill the supply root of the situation ... and you need to fight the greed that feeds the multitudes of minions that cater for the world bankers for their own earnings and attain ... at the identical time You will need to develop into unbiased ... turn out to be your own personal country ... what i call "Very first Nation" ... just both you and your rapid loved ones ... step one in becoming genuinely independent is to be what i call "drinking water unbiased" .

P.S. one particular web site that slams my identify with a ton of misrepresentations then supposedly "proved mccanney Completely wrong" ... after you click on this authorless piece of misinformation to article a comment here is what pops up ... 

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September 26, 2014 publishing ... the weekly radio exhibit is currently posted about the archive Website ... i stand in awe at absolutely the ignorance of the overall US population ... WOW ... very few folks have even the faintest clue of what is really going on during the world ... supposedly "educated" individuals residing in a complete fog .

April sixteen, 2015 submitting ... on the origin of Diamonds, Snow Flakes and Hail Stones ... in my ebook "The Diamond Theory" (which is basically not about diamonds for each se but about how diamond framework illustrates common principles) i focus on the cosmic origins of diamonds based on three known aspects ... one) that micro-diamonds have rained down within the sky and oddly more than enough at distinct times for example mass extinction functions (carcasses of wooly mammoths major sides are impacted with thousands of micro-diamonds since they died during the past mass extinction firstly of your Holocene Period of time)   And a pair of) diamonds are fashioned in the laboratory within a vacuum chamber simulating the environment of outer Area with website link vaporized carbon and an electron beam and three) belts of diamonds have already been detected circling distant stars .

How the hell does NASA know Cheap The End Of The Fucking World Seasons 1-2 that this comet will be the most important comet to pass through our photo voltaic method considering the fact that and for X amout of time?...Until they determine what you are aware of... that comets will not be soiled snowballs and that The sunshine emitting from it'll don't have anything to perform with ice staying ejected from It really is core at higher velocities, and that only a truly massive and electrically billed comet could perhaps glow like they are saying it'll.

the "Heartbleed" intrusion into some outdated facts bases can be a direct results of the RSA Laboratories ongoing overlooking The point that the prime selection community important encryption techniques Are already BROKEN ... the same enterprise that sold a backdoor into Yet another in their professional encryption goods into the NSA .

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